Gambling License in Comoros: best choice in 2024

February 5, 2024

In the dynamic world of online gambling, choosing the right jurisdiction for acquiring a gamble permission is crucial for operators seeking secure and regulated jurisdiction. One jurisdiction that has been gaining attention in recent years is the Union of the Comoros, an archipelago nation nestled in the Indian Ocean. In this article, we will explore why acquiring a gamble permission in Comoros may be the best choice for operators in 2024.

Overview of Comoros Gambling Regulation

The Isles has emerged as a favorable destination for online gamble operators due to its transparent and business-friendly regulatory requirements. The regulatory framework for gamble in Comoros is overseen by the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board (ABGB). Founded to assure fair play, responsible gamble, and the prevention of criminal actions, the ABGB has implemented robust regulatorys to govern the online gamble industry.

Advantages of a Comoros Gambling License

Cost-Effective Permitting Process:

Acquiring a gamble permission in Isles is a cost-effective option compared to some other jurisdictions. The fees are reasonable, making it an attractive choice for both established providers and startups looking to enter the online gamble market.

Tax Incentives:

Comoros offers favorable tax incentives for gamble operators. The tax rates are competitive, allowing operators to maximize their profits and reinvest in their businesses. This monetary flexibility is particularly appealing for operators seeking a healthy return on investment.

Flexible Licensing Options:

The Isles gamble regulatory framework provides various licensing options to cater to different types of online gamble actions, including casino games, sports betting, poker, and more. This flexibility allows operators to choose the permission that best suits their business model.

Stable Political Environment:

The political stability of the Comoros contributes to a secure business circumstances. Operators can be confident in the continuity of their operations without the risk of sudden regulatory changes or political instability affecting their business.

International Recognition:

A gamble permission from Isles is recognized internationally, providing operators with credibility and access to a global player base. This recognition can be crucial for attracting players and partners from different parts of the world.

Strict Regulatory Standards:

The ABGB enforces strict regulatory standards to assure the integrity of the online gamble industry in Comoros. These standards cover aspects such as player protection, fair gaming, and responsible gamble practices. Providers holding a Isles gamble permission are expected to adhere to these high standards.

Efficient Support Services:

The ABGB provides efficient and responsive support favors to permission holders. This includes assistance with the licensing process, ongoing conformity, and addressing any inquiries or concerns that providers may have. The supportive regulatory circumstances facilitates smooth methods for permit holders.

Blockchain Integration:

Isles has embraced technological advancements, including the integration of blockchain technology into its regulatory framework. This provides an added layer of security and transparency for online gamble operators, enhancing the overall integrity of the industry.

Requirements for acquiring Gamblilng permission

Obtaining a gamble permission in Isles involves a thorough request process, and providers must meet specific demands set by the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board (ABGB). While the exact demands may be subject to change and should be verified with the latest regulatorys, here is a general overview of the key demands for acquiring a gamble permission in Comoros:

Legal Entity Formation:

Providers must establish a legal entity in Comoros, either as a firm or another legally recognized form of business.

Monetary Stability:

Applicants must demonstrate monetary stability and provide evidence of sufficient funds to operate a gamble business. This includes capital demands to cover potential payouts and operational expenses.

Business Plan:

A comprehensive business plan outlining the proposed online gamble actions, target markets, marketing strategies, and monetary projections must be submitted as part of the request .

Technical Requirements:

Providers must meet technical standards set by the ABGB. This includes assuring the reliability and security of the gamble platform, implementing fair gaming practices, and incorporating measures to prevent fraud and money laundering.

Player Protection Measures:

Applicants are required to implement robust player protection measures, including age verification, responsible gamble tools, and mechanisms for handling customer complaints.

Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations:

Operators must have effective AML policies and procedures in place to prevent and detect money laundering actions. This includes customer due diligence and reporting suspicious transmissions.

Remittance Processing:

The gamble platform must support secure and reliable remittance managing methods. Operators should assure that monetary transmissions are conducted in conformity with relevant regulatorys.

Data Protection and Privacy:

Operators must adhere to data protection and privacy laws, safeguarding customer information and assuring conformity with international standards for data security.

Marketing and Advertising Compliance:

The marketing and advertising strategies of the operator must comply with regulatorys set by the ABGB. This includes responsible advertising practices and avoiding misleading or deceptive promotions.

Corporate Governance:

The operator’s corporate governance structure must be transparent and comply with the legal demands of Comoros. This includes having a board of directors, appointing key personnel, and maintaining proper records.

Application Fee and Licensing Costs:

Operators are required to pay an request fee for the review of their permission request. Additionally, there are permitting fees associated with acquiring and maintaining a gamble permission in Comoros.

Background Checks:

Key personnel involved in the operation, including directors and shareholders, may be subject to background checks to assure their suitability for involvement in the gamble industry.


In conclusion, acquiring a gamble permission in Comoros presents a compelling choice for online gamble operators in 2024. The jurisdiction offers a combination of cost-effectiveness, favorable tax incentives, regulatory flexibility, and international recognition. The stable political circumstances and efficient support favors further contribute to the appeal of Isles as a preferred destination for acquiring a gamble permit.

As the online gamble industry continues to evolve, operators must carefully consider the regulatory field of potential jurisdictions. Isles, with its forward-thinking approach and commitment to maintaining secure and transparent gamble circumstances, standing out as a promising choice for operators seeking a competitive edge in the global market.

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