Ready made licenses for sale

Once the entrepreneur comes to a decision that in a short space of time it would make sense to enter into a contractual agreement with mutually beneficial terms or to capture a market share in a highly lucrative and growing niche, buying a shelf company with a license for sale is an attractive and time-efficient opportunity.

Mostly, the decision to buy a ready-made company is determined by the will to start running the business immediately or to bypass any troubles that may occur while obtaining legal permits – this can be prolonged for many weeks or even months.

Generally, the owner of an operational structure is looking to purchase a company to verify their operations. If so, it is incorrect to do paperwork that can be a time-consuming and daunting process. A license for sale will assist if your business falls under supervision.

What to consider when buying or selling a license?

Typically, one of the questions that potential buyers ask is how the firm passes the audit. This is reasonable, as when you start owning a company, you obtain it with the preceding organizational package. In this relation, each businessperson would prefer to run a business that has neither history nor liabilities.

If you consider selling a company, particularly, you may face hassles if you need to transfer a license. This may be required when a business operates, specifically, in the sector of finances, when dealing with crypto assets. In such cases, it makes sense to think out all the aspects, recent changes, and amendments in the regulatory framework. As this requires a strong eye for detail, only a specialist can succeed in this challenging task.

Our offerings include a range of companies and licenses for sale, moreover, we will adapt your business when creating an efficient offer modified to your expectations. If you have chosen to sell your enterprise, please contact us, and we will publish your offer, provide assistance with finding the right purchaser, pass the process of the repeat registration, and, finally, close the deal.

Why Eli-Swiss

Buying or selling a company with Eli-Swiss is quick and easy. Aiming to sell a license, and taking advantage of the deal, you can rely on our qualified assistance in the phases of buying and selling business. Our specialists will deliver comprehensive support when it comes to entering a deal:

  • investigate the place of your enterprise in the market;
  • create an offer for sale, considering your purposes and requirements;
  • choose the best way for completing a deal;
  • find the right purchaser, while estimating their reliability and professional engagement;
  • list your offer on the popular web platform, which already has a bunch of licenses for sale from thousands of businesspersons who have sold their ventures;
  • will work with you at each phase of the deal until it is completed.

We will also give you absolute clarity on the process to set realistic expectations.

Buying a shelf company with a license with the assistance of reputable professionals with in-depth industry knowledge will help you achieve the best result and bypass any hassles.

The lawyers of Eli-Swiss will happily assist in finding an excellent solution for your business – the most suitable country and appropriate license for sale based on their specification of business.

Zug domiciled

  • Authorized capital – CHF 100’000 Registered in 1980s.
  • Activity: asset management, investment advisory, legal consulting
  • SRO certificate issued and can be expanded
  • Bank account in UBS.
  • Asking price – CHF 400’000
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Zug domiciled

  • Authorized capital – CHF 100’000,
  • Registered in 2022
  • Activity: Crypto exchange and wallet, carry out credit transactions, investment adviser, payment transactions
  • Software included
  • Bank accounts in Switzerland and Lichtenstein
  • Asking price – CHF 350’000
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3. Geneva domiciled

  • Authorized capital – CHF 100’00, Registered in 1940s
  • Activity: Crypto exchange and wallet, carry out credit transactions, investment adviser, payment transactions
  • SRO certificate issued and can be expanded
  • Bank account in Credit Suisse
  • Asking price – CHF 550’000
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