Banking and bank accounts

The attractiveness of Switzerland for foreign investors has been historically associated with strong country’s bank secrecy laws which is why this jurisdiction is preferred by many business people who seek to open a corporate bank account and keep their funds in one of the world’s foremost and safest financial hubs.

Open a corporate bank account in Switzerland and stop worrying about the safety of your assets

Eternity Law International will gladly assist you in opening a bank account for your company in the banks we have reliable relationships with. Our professionals prepare all appropriate documentation necessary for the application procedure and send them to you for approval and signature. We care about your time and complete all processes by ourselves, so no personal visits to banking institutions are needed. We also provide detailed instructions on the bank’s requirements for documents.
Having opened an account, you can access it by post, courier, phone, and through the Internet. Due to alternative online banking solutions, you can easily manage the funds on your account, check balances, conduct transactions, and many other activities.

Why choose ELI Swiss

If you are an entrepreneur, our lawyers can provide you with assistance in getting a corporate bank account. The core benefits of our corporate banking services are the following:

  • No deposits prior to opening an account;
  • Multicurrency accounts with IBAN and SWIFT
  • Secure 24/7 online servicing
  • No visits in person to the offices of banks

Looking to open a bank account in Switzerland? We are at your service with advice on what to do.

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